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Technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid speed, yet traditional banking systems have been slow to keep up. At Tenet, we believe the organisations and people that are the driving force of modern innovation deserve a bank that evolves in lockstep with them – not just to catch up with the technology of today, but to anticipate and keep pace with where it goes next. We achieve this through our proprietary, continuously engineered banking operating system, TenetOS.


Continuous Engineering for Dynamic Customisation

As your needs evolve, TenetOS evolves with you. Through our ongoing system optimisation, informed by your feedback, we build new tools and capabilities that allow for progressive client customisation. No matter how fast you grow or how far you spread, TenetOS accommodates your preferences, providing an ideal financial partner now and in the future.

Seamless Financial Integration

TenetOS uses APIs to connect with your external financial platforms and centralise them into one place. It enables you to consolidate your finances from across the world into one easy-to-use hub that will fuel your global growth.

Simple Online Setup and Intuitive Design

TenetOS provides an onboarding process that allows you to get started quickly and easily, and our elegant user-focused design ensures easy navigation. Built from the ground up for the world’s most innovative, TenetOS helps you stay ahead of the curve and focus on fuelling innovation at a global scale.

Agile Workflow Management and Access Control

TenetOS offers a programmable interface to increase the efficiency of your financial workflows and user permissions. With just a few clicks, you can set up task-automation and manage account privileges, saving you time and increasing your productivity.


Tenet takes data protection and cybersecurity seriously. Our advanced security systems protect against unauthorised activity, and our dedicated security team continuously monitors for suspicious activity. Regular reviews, stress-testing, and proactive updates to our security protocols ensure Tenet stays ahead of emerging threats and safeguards customer data, transactions, and information.

The multipronged defense of your security includes the following measures:

Risk Management

A codified cybersecurity strategy, overseen by the Board of Directors

Best-In-Class Tools

Regularly updated firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion-detection systems that run routine checks to detect and prevent unauthorised access

Access Control

Two-factor authentication and complex passwords to ensure account security


Continuous monitoring, both manual and automated, for suspicious activity


Prompt reports of any potential breaches and steps to rectify identified vulnerabilities

Internal Controls

Limit access to customer data only to authorised personnel, and regularly train employees on cybersecurity best practices


Conduct regular security audits and risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and continuously improve security protocols and measures

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