Investment Funds

Banking for the catalysts of innovation

Investment Funds
The Tenet Difference

Deal Flow

Tenet's clientele and network accelerates the potential for your next high-growth investment opportunity.

Adaptable Features

TenetOS provides a versatile solution set that evolves with your feedback and input to increasingly suit your specific needs.

Grow Your Profile

Establish and entrench your reputation as an industry leader through official and informal opportunities to heighten your visibility.

Streamlined Finance

Consolidate your financial flows and information into an intuitive, customisable interface designed to make your life easy.

Intel Sharing

Tenet's team and network keeps you abreast of the latest market trends, technological advances, and regulatory changes.

Portfolio Support

Find syngergistic connections to boost the performance of your portfolio companies, wherever they bank.

Investment Fund Bank Accounts

The adaptability and customisation of TenetOS means our banking features meet your needs, however your investment thesis and portfolio evolves. Our flexible account structures offer a range of solutions, and our expert insight and industry network complement your existing information flow by plugging you in to our global technology ecosystem.

Investment Fund accounts at Tenet offer an array of options that cater to a range of client needs. Combined with the versatility of TenetOS, this is our view of how banking for the catalysts of the next era of transformation should look:

Current Accounts

For general operations and immediate liquidity

Current Accounts
Current Accounts
Get Operating

Provides immediate access to your deposits, optimised with features to streamline your daily cash flows

Notice Accounts

For balancing flexibility and maximising working capital

Notice Accounts
Notice Accounts
Start Building

Earn interest while keeping your funds accessible by agreeing to provide 7, 14, or 30 days' advance notice prior to withdrawal

Term Deposit Accounts

Storing capital longer for enhancing idle funds

Term Deposit Accounts
Term Deposit Accounts
Yield Generating

Prepare your short-term cash flows and enhance interest on your idle deposits by agreeing to hold them for 3, 6, or 12 months

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