Artificial Intelligence

Redefining possibility

Artificial Intelligence

AI is revolutionising how businesses operate. By leveraging advances in processing power and an abundance of data, AI has the power to transform industries and reshape societies. A reliable banking partner must cater to the unique challenges and opportunities of this blossoming field.

That means providing products and services that protect sensitive data, offering intuitive access to real-time information around the clock, and supporting emergent monetisation models that can adapt to evolving regulations. At Tenet, our banking solution is designed from the ground up precisely to accommodate this bold, exciting future.


If You're an Entrepreneur in AI

Expand your capacity through TenetOS' customisable, continuously engineered features to manage transactions, payments, analytics, and more.

If You're a Startup in AI

Accelerate your growth by streamlining your finances so they are primed for rapid, data-driven scale.

If You're an Investment Fund in AI

Join an exclusive network of innovators in large language models, computer vision, and other cutting-edge subfields to keep apace with the latest trends and find your next home run.

If You're an Institution in AI

Stay on top of the latest waves of innovation and position your organisation to ride your scale to success and not get surpassed by the next round of disruptors.

Why Tenet

Tenet is a bank that operates like a technology company. Our proprietary operating system, TenetOS, was built fully in-house to accommodate the needs of the modern technology ecosystem – from the tinkerers to the disruptors to the behemoths. Since we have our own team of developers, we are able to rapidly iterate our products based on client feedback, providing a banking experience that increasingly moulds to your specific needs. We complement TenetOS with experience-backed technology expertise and a relentless commitment to superb customer service. We are excited about the future, and if you are, too, then we welcome the opportunity to build it with you.

Bespoke Service

Tenet’s highly tailored client service is founded upon a deep understanding of modern technologies and markets.

Continuous Engineering

TenetOS is fully owned and run in-house, providing us the unique capability to evolve our services and tools in lockstep with the changing needs and desires of our clients.


Advanced integrations with external platforms centralise and streamline your finances, tailored to your strategy and operations.

Join the Tenet Team

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our values, strive for excellence, and will contribute to our continued success.

Please visit our Tenet Careers website to learn more about our culture and open positions.

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