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Technological progress is upending the insurance industry, as AI, IoT, and cloud-fuelled analytics usher in new ways to serve customers and reduce operational costs. Yet factors such as macroeconomic volatility, climate change, regulatory complexity, and evolving consumer preferences pose significant challenges. Amid such rapid change, a banking partner that is as adaptive as you is key to staying ahead.

Tenet’s continuous engineering means that as our insurance clients experiment with and refine their business models, their banking solution evolves in stride. Whether these changes involve developing increasingly personalised products fuelled by big data, investing in analytics infrastructure, identifying opportunities in digital environments or otherwise, Tenet’s agile operating system and expert team will help you avoid disruption and lead the reshaping of the insurance industry of the future.


If You're an Entrepreneur in Insurance

Level up your solution by bolstering your financial management and getting access to a network with insights to keep you informed and advised on trends and opportunities in the insurance industry.

If You're a Startup in Insurance

Streamline how your banking complements your operation and integrates with your descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data with TenetOS, accelerating your path to global scale.

If You're an Investment Fund in Insurance

Keep pace with the latest innovations in insurance and find the next batch of promising growth startups via Tenet's network and knowledge-sharing ecosystem, while unlocking financial-management efficiencies.

If You're an Institution in Insurance

Join a network and a banking partner perfectly suited to providing the financial tools and industry connections you need to stay on top of the next wave of insurance innovation.

Why Tenet

Tenet is a bank that operates like a technology company. Our proprietary operating system, TenetOS, was built fully in-house to accommodate the needs of the modern technology ecosystem – from the tinkerers to the disruptors to the behemoths. Since we have our own team of developers, we are able to rapidly iterate our products based on client feedback, providing a banking experience that increasingly moulds to your specific needs. We complement TenetOS with experience-backed technology expertise and a relentless commitment to superb customer service. We are excited about the future, and if you are, too, then we welcome the opportunity to build it with you.

Bespoke Service

Tenet’s highly personalised service is founded upon a deep understanding of how modern technologies and markets work.

Collaborative Innovation

We continuously engineer TenetOS to evolve with your feedback and input, tailoring it to the demands of your business needs.

Technology Expertise

Our team has decades of experience in data science and software, which we leverage to service our clients with unique financial tools catered to their needs.

Join the Tenet Team

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our values, strive for excellence, and will contribute to our continued success.

Please visit our Tenet Careers website to learn more about our culture and open positions.

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