Internet of Things

Connectivity unleashed

Internet of Things

Bridging the physical world through seamless, data-driven connectivity holds the power to unlock newfound efficiencies, give rise to new products and services, and deliver groundbreaking value. By harnessing the power of IoT, innovative organisations can push the boundaries of how we live, work, and create. TenetOS supports these intrepid efforts with a modern data architecture and international network that echoes IoT’s sophisticated global infrastructure.

Tenet’s array of account options and features can be tailored and adjusted to optimise around capital-intensive fiscal periods, predictive-maintenance program implementation, and diverse revenue models including device sales, subscription fees, and data monetisation. New banking features tailored to your evolving business are just a development cycle away, and our robust security measures offer the invaluable protection of your sensitive data. Moreover, Tenet’s network of global innovators and leaders offers key connections well positioned to accelerate your world-changing ambitions.

Internet of Things

If You're an Entrepreneur in Internet of Things

Grow your pipeline by tapping into our international network, and enhance your offering with real-time tailored data analytics.

If You're a Startup in Internet of Things

Leverage our cross-platform interoperability to centralise your connectivity and financial data, and our bespoke services to help you navigate emergent regulation and manage financial risk.

If You're an Investment Fund in Internet of Things

Join a network of promising startups with high growth potential to boost your deal flow and share Tenet's value with your portfolio companies, all while simplifying your financial picture.

If You're an Institution in Internet of Things

Stay plugged in to the international innovation landscape, ensuring you shape the future of IoT while fostering industry collaboration and enhancing your financial footing.

Why Tenet

Tenet is a bank that operates like a technology company. Our proprietary operating system, TenetOS, was built fully in-house to accommodate the needs of the modern technology ecosystem – from the tinkerers to the disruptors to the behemoths. Since we have our own team of developers, we are able to rapidly iterate our products based on client feedback, providing a banking experience that increasingly moulds to your specific needs. We complement TenetOS with experience-backed technology expertise and a relentless commitment to superb customer service. We are excited about the future, and if you are, too, then we welcome the opportunity to build it with you.


Tenet is guided by a set of principles that position us to remain agile and effective so we can help innovators take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities awaiting them.

Modern Security

Tenet's robust cybersecurity regime, modern data-protection tools, and fully backed financial assets provide the peace of mind that comes with having your financial health in safe hands.


Advanced integrations with external platforms centralise and streamline your finances, tailored to your strategy and operations.

Join the Tenet Team

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our values, strive for excellence, and will contribute to our continued success.

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