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The rising capabilities of the robotics field have ushered in new and increasingly advanced use cases across numerous industries, and portend an exciting future with vast possibility. Tailwinds of ongoing progress in adjacent fields such as AI and IoT will compete with the headwinds of significant development costs, a limited workforce, and enduring public skepticism.

Banking with a partner like Tenet can help to tip these scales in your favour. Insights from Tenet’s ecosystem of potential collaborators and investors are a resource to spur your growth and expand innovation across the industry. Our team’s familiarty with emerging, data-driven business models and risks inherent to this lively space offers an extra layer of support to our clients’ operations. And our fluid product suite means your Tenet experience meets and optimises around your changing cash flow dynamics, fuelling your mission as you move across R&D, capital investment, steady-state application, and everything in between.


If You're an Entrepreneur in Robotics

Deepen your toehold and refine your vision for growth with the support of our versatile platform and a streamlined financial operation.

If You're a Startup in Robotics

Align your banking with your business priorities, whether that's funding R&D, prototyping, or commercialisation, and find partners to share knowledge and funding to help you scale.

If You're an Investment Fund in Robotics

Connect to high-potential startups, streamline your financial picture, and stay updated on the latest trends by joining Tenet's global innovation network.

If You're an Institution in Robotics

Optimise your financial management with custom features tailored for your global portfolio, and build strategic partnerships with advisors, operators, and innovators ready to put capital to work.

Why Tenet

Tenet is a bank that operates like a technology company. Our proprietary operating system, TenetOS, was built fully in-house to accommodate the needs of the modern technology ecosystem – from the tinkerers to the disruptors to the behemoths. Since we have our own team of developers, we are able to rapidly iterate our products based on client feedback, providing a banking experience that increasingly moulds to your specific needs. We complement TenetOS with experience-backed technology expertise and a relentless commitment to superb customer service. We are excited about the future, and if you are, too, then we welcome the opportunity to build it with you.

Collaborative Innovation

We continuously engineer TenetOS to evolve with your feedback and input, tailoring it to the demands of your unique robotics strategy.

Borderless Connectivity

Access the global economy via a premier international finance centre at the hub of a burgeoning technology ecosystem.


Tenet is guided by a set of principles that position us to remain agile and effective so we can help innovators take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities awaiting them.

Join the Tenet Team

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our values, strive for excellence, and will contribute to our continued success.

Please visit our Tenet Careers website to learn more about our culture and open positions.

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