Introducing Tenet Bank's Latest Innovation: Accelerated Due Diligence

Published on: Monday, 29 January, 2024

Expediting Onboarding and Streamlining KYC

Tenet Bank (“Tenet”) is delighted to introduce Accelerated Due Diligence (“ADD”), the newest advancement in our TenetOS banking platform. This development is a direct response to the specific challenges our clients face, highlighting Tenet’s commitment to continuously engineering effective, real-life solutions.

Expediting Onboarding

Clients will experience the benefits of ADD from the very beginning of their relationship with Tenet. By teleporting verified Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and contact information affiliated with an existing client group (“Client Group"), ADD reduces applicants’ data entry and eliminates inefficiencies to significantly speed up the entire onboarding process.

What is a Client Group?

A Client Group is the collection of entities and individuals that form the corporate structure. Tenet’s focus on helping clients efficiently organise and manage Client Groups is a fundamental element of how we prioritise the user experience.

Streamlined Client Group & User Management

ADD also benefits existing Tenet clients, by streamlining their interactions across multiple Client Groups. Rather than having to provide the same KYC information for each Client Group, clients can now provide this information just once, and then effortlessly teleport the validated information to additional groups as needed.

The act of consolidating multiple Client Groups also streamlines your username into a single, unified TenetOS login. You can easily switch between Client Groups as well as manage your incoming ADD requests, without having to manage multiple usernames.

Manage Client Groups in TenetOS

Clients can find and manage Client Groups in the Network section of TenetOS. This is where you can toggle between your connected Client Groups, as well as accept or reject ADD requests to have your KYC information teleported to new Client Group connections.

Build the Future with Tenet

With the launch of ADD, Tenet is speeding up onboarding and making banking easier. As excited as we are to bring this game-changing feature to TenetOS clients, there is so much more to build. Engineering-first banking means we will continue to improve ADD and innovate more enhancements to the entire TenetOS experience.

Stay tuned for updates by following us on our channels and join our client waitlist here. We look forward to introducing you to the benefits of Accelerated Due Diligence and continuously engineered banking for the modern era.

Authored by:

Brian Tang

Brian Tang is Tenet's Managing Director and a member of its Board of Directors. He is a CFA charterholder with experience managing multibillion-dollar balance sheets at several financial services …

Brian Tang

Grace Turner

Grace Turner is Tenet’s Senior Technical Project Manager, based in the Cayman Islands office. In this role, Grace helps to lead and define Tenet’s product vision, shaping the future of the TenetOS and …

Grace Turner

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